Project Management

Techway will manage all aspects of the work; including: sourcing, recruiting, training and managing the daily tasks of all resources assigned to the project. Our project management organization model can be flexed and adapted to meet different levels of our client’s involvement








Techway’s process driven and simple framework can be customized as necessary to augment and integrate our clients processes

The four-fold strategy at the core is:

Proven Design Principles

Our goal is to craft an adaptable approach that brings you measurable results. No two projects run exactly the same way and your project is a customized process built around you.

We will:

  •   Define the project parameters
  •  Assess the needs to gauge what exists, what’s reasonable and what’s assumed
  •  Refine our design by developing plans, testing assumptions, and perfecting concepts until we find the right solution for you
  •  Implement the solution and provide support to make sure the job gets done

Process Driven Execution

  • We will automate where possible or define and manage our processes using our software tools for task assignment, tracking and auditing
  • Our project managers will provide status updates, reviews and completion reports in a timely manner
  • Our standardized processes can be exposed and reused


We just don’t troubleshoot and provide in-depth analysis but ensure the intricacies of a challenging issue are solved by providing experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Our project managers have what you need for successful onsite deployments, replacements of various hardware components, software installations, diagnostic testing, and the utilization of remote control tools.

Innovative Thinking

  • Our innovative techniques are centered around problem solving
  • We evaluate the  parameters and get to work
  • We listen, observe, and ask questions
  • Design and build models, test, redesign and re-test before selecting the right techniques and tools to meet the needs of your project